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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Call

Finley had his final mission interviews with the Stake President the first week of May.  We were hoping to have his call by his 18th birthday, May 22nd.  We called the week prior to check the status with the Bishop.  His paperwork hadn't been submitted yet!  He was frustrated, because he really wanted to have his call before high school graduation on June 5th!  It is hard getting so excited and pumped up and then have to wait and wait....finally, on Friday, May 30th it arrived!

Before he opened his envelope we asked him where he wanted to go...these things are not something we get to pick, but where the Church feels the greatest need and right fit is.  He said he doesn't care as long as they have burritos...preferably, South America....and foreign....remember, it's where you are needed!
He is assigned to go to the Guatemala, Guatemala City East mission, leaving on or near September 3, 2014...
He does not go to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, but goes straight down to the MTC in Guatemala.  There he will have a crash course to bolster up the lack of Spanish he learned in three high school years....he will also learn the lifestyle and schedule of a missionary....he is excited!
In the packet that gives them their assignment and list of what to bring, there is also an area to respond to the call and accept the call given.  Im glad I took a picture!

We are excited and ready to get preparations going!