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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

He made it!

We got this brief "I'm Alive" today....glad to see he still has his sense of humor!

Hola familia! I made it! These keyboards are weird. No me gusta. Better than nothing though. So, they took our cameras and iPods. Lo siento, but you won't have pictures until i leave. We did get to take a nap when we got here. My companion is Elder Jarvie. All of the Spanish that I know is coming back to me. The food is awesome, but you can't eat too much fruit, unless you want liquid dumps. We just have 5 minutes to tell you that were alive. I guess this is my communication for this week. I hope you got my pictures from the airport! Oh, and seeing a bunch of missionaries in white shirts and ties eating lunch is the coolest thing ever. We don't get to go to Walmart, but at the 4 week mark, we get to go to Wendy's. I'm pretty excited for that. I hear it's really awesome. Okay, this is it! I love you all!!  Elder Konold

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