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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Legit" Week One - CCM

Hola familia! 

I'm going to start this by saying that keyboards here suck, and if I make punctuation errors, it's because of these keyboards. Okay!! We landed in Guat around 6 AM last Wednesday. We went to the MTC and had breakfast, then we got a four hour nap (Praise. Da. Lawd.) We had a short class that day, and some
introductory stuff. We got our tags!! So legit. but they took our cameras and iPods, so I'm terribly sorry to say that you wont have any pictures of Elder Konold until i leave the CCM. Lo siento. Tuesday was haircut day.  Tuesday was not a very happy day. I hope I'm ableto send you the picture of our branch, because you'll be able to see how awful it looks. So, last sunday, I was told that I'd be bearing my testimony in spanish by the following Sunday. i could do it byFriday. day two was learning howto pray in spanish, and day 3 was learning howto bear
your testimony. we also teach investigators every night. Its awesome! except I have to do all the teaching, because my comp can't speak any spanish (homie literally asked me what the response to Gracias was).
But other than that, it's awesome. The food is good. They have this juice here, its called Naturalisimo, I think. Its so beautiful. I'm importing it when i get home. We had a devotional by Richard G Scott Sunday night. It was super cool. I'd tell you allabout it, but I only have 30 minutes left to write this week. Last night, we watched a devotional by Elder Holland. He was talking about the Atonement of Christ, and he said this "Don't you dare turn tail and run... Don't you dare abandon him." He was talking about how going home would be almost like abandoning the Savior when he was suffering in Gethsemane. It was super powerful. I write in my journal every night! I wish i
could just send that to you guys. There's so much that happens that I wish I had time to tell you. We went to the temple this morning. It was really cool, but super tiny. Like SUPER tiny. Smaller than our house. I think this is it for the week. I love you all, Enjoy America for me. 

Te Amo, Elder Konold

P.S.  Add to that, that i haven't had the squirts, one of my teachers got engaged after two dates to a coworker at the CCM (he asked her during "flexible time"), and that the thunder and lightning is awesome. It also rains randomly.

I also asked Finley some questions and got these responses:

1.  Where is your companion, Elder Jarvie, from? Oregon

2.  Are there any elders from your flight in your district? Everyone in my district was on my flight

3.  How many of you share a room? 6 to a room....4 Nortes, 2 Latinos

4.  What is your favorite dish/meal so far?  All of the Guatemalan dishes are awesome, but probably the tacos.

5.  What has been the best experience? Listening to the Elder Holland devotional last night

6.  What has been the worst experience? None have happened yet (maybe the haircut)

7.  Have you gotten to play volleyball?  Yes, I played volleyball a couple days ago.  usually I just ride the exercise bike when it's time to work out.

8.  Hows the Spanish?  Spanish is okay for me, but my comp doesn't speak a word.

I learned the following from blogs of other Elders that are with Finley:

From Elder Gabe Richardson (Queltaltenago mission): "On the flight from LAX to Guatemala the back of the plane was empty, and so Elder Konold and I went to an empty row, so I got to have a window seat! We did not really talk because we both slept haha!...Elder Konold is not in my district but we talk quite a bit and are good friends."

From Elder Sam Gurksnis ( Guat City East mission, same district) about their district and Fin's companion: "It's myself, Elder Duncan, Dawson, Flygare, Chabreis (West Point dude), Aubrey, Konold and Elder Jarvie aka Elder Woody because he looks like Woody from Toy Story.  So much so that all the Latinos sing "You've got a friend in me" in their very very broken english to him as they tuck him into bed every single night which is one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed." 

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