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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Evading Montezuma and Other Things....

Hola familia!!! And amigos!

Somehow, I've gone for two weeks without even having diarrhea!! One elder in my district wasn't as lucky. Okay, so week two. Not much has happened since last week. Every day is pretty much the same. Food, spanish, more food, more spanish, some scripture study, some teaching, more food, more spanish. And not a single nap. Oh well. I'm getting used to it. The two times that we left the CCM to go to the temple and the market, I spoke with the Native Guats!! It was so awesome. I said "Hola," and they said "Buenos dias," and we totally understood each other!! See! My spanish is awesome already! Yesterday was Guatemalan Independence Day, so we had lots of Guatemalan food and a massive Guatemalan flag cake. It was pretty tasty. 
     I forgot to bring my journal with me, so this email will be out of chronological order. Lo siento. Last night was the last night for a group of elders, so tradition is, every single elder in the CCM packs into one bedroom and sings "Called to Serve" and "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". It was so awesome. There were 92 of us last night. As I'm sure you can imagine, it was crazy hot in that room. And guess what?! It was MY room. I had to sit right by the window for about 10 minutes to write in my journal because it was way too hot at my desk. Hmmm. This morning we went to the "little market" while our rooms and halls were cleaned in preparation for the new elders. It was more like a convenience store. I was going to buy some super tasty Guatemalan coke, but the supervisor that was with us said that I couldn't. I'm a missionary of the Lord, so I'm not going to express my feelings about that with the words that come to mind. We'll just say that i was "mildly upset" with that decision. It didn't help that everybody else got to buy Dr. Pepper. I'm a Coke man. I won't sink to a level where I have to drink Dr. Pepper instead of Coke. I talked to Presidente when we got back to the CCM and he said that next time, I can buy all the Coke I want. Oh, I will. Some delicious Guat coke. 
     This Sunday was nice. Sundays are cool around here, but holy crap are they loooooooong. It's probably because we sit for most of the day. Every other day we have an hour to work out. It helps a lot. Okay this was a boring week. My spanish is improving, and I'm having a good time. 

I love you all!!!

-Elder Konold

P.S.  I haven't gotten the letters from Brother Orme yet, but I probably will within the next few days.  We can get physical mail at any time, but they only give it to us at night. My comp is okay. He's getting better at Spanish, but lessons are still a struggle. I had Guat cash. We have an ATM in the CCM. We didn't see a lot of fireworks- I guess the best ones happen outside of the city. We just got cake and food. My district is good. We're all pretty close. We have a good time together. The pres isn't too bad, he used to be a mission president in Mexico. He likes to talk about baptisms a lot. I take all of my medicine! 

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