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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Halfway through the CCM!

Before I start with my email I have to tell you a story that Elder Gurksnis told us a few days ago. He said that there was a crazy cat lady in his ward who had like 20 cats. She got up during testimony meeting one Sunday and told a story that was kinda interesting. She said that she came home one day to find that her cats had completely shredded her BOM and were gnawing on the pages. She was completely distraught and upset, until she realized that her cats were "Feasting on the words of Christ."

I was so happy to receive all of your letters this week! I got the package with the printed emails you sent. I was so happy to get those. Made my night a lot better. Last week, we had a super amazing lunch. Tacos and churros. I had five churros. They were AMAZING. I went super hard in the gym that day. 6.5 miles on the bike in 20 minutes. and 150 situps. I actually think I'm losing weight. I'll weigh myself when I leave the CCM. 

I managed to not have to give a talk again on Sunday! Jarvie wasn't as lucky. It was rough. But my talk was pretty awesome. I would have been fine with giving it. 

Yesterday, our district decided to do a "Fruit Challenge." 3 meals, eating exclusively fruit. Nobody made it all the way. I was the only one who even ate 2 meals of fruit. We wanted to see how bad the diarrhea would be. I still haven't gotten any. I guess I've just been blessed with some killer intestines. 

Last night we heard a live devotional from Elder Ballard. It was cool, and I'd love to tell you all about it, but i just wasn't able to pay attention. I did feel the spirit though. It took our district a solid two weeks to get sick of "Called to Serve". We sing it at least twice a week. Every devotional. Oh well...

General Status- Still haven't crapped my pants. The food is good. The spanish is coming along great. I still can't take naps. I read the scriptures for about an hour and a half each day. I love and miss you all. 

Te Amo
- Elder Konold

P.S.  Can you send me earplugs and my retainer?  Also, stamps and addresses. Next week I get to go into the city and to Wendy's!

I sent Fin a load of new are his responses!

1.  Did they tell you the purpose behind the haircuts?  No purpose, just for fun I guess. Maybe it breeds a sense of equality. 

2. Do you have a nickname in your district?  How did you get it?  No nickname. But we call Elder Jarvie Elder Woody, Elder Aubrey Elder Buzz, and Elder Dawson "Estruden" (which is apparently the name of the caterpillar in Bug's Life). The Latinos are the reason behind these names. 

3. How is Elder Richardson?  Do you see/ talk to each other? Richardson is great!! Everybody loves him. We usually sit together at meals. 

4.  How far are you in the Spanish Book of Mormon? Spanish Book Of Mormon? lol. Just started second Nephi

5. How are you adjusting to life without a phone or iPad? I'm surprisingly okay. I often wonder what's on Instagram, but I haven't gotten withdrawal shakes. 

6. Did you get the letters we sent in the actual mail? No I did not. 

7.  Have you moved off the exercise bike and joined some games during exercise time? Sometimes I'll play volleyball, but I don't want to get fat, so that's only once or twice a week. 

8. What do you miss most so far? Family, Sophia, and not having clothes on when I poop. 

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