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Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome to the real Guatemala!

My last week in the CCM wasn't anything spectacular. We just spent our last day doing workshops. So long. 
 {Transfer Day - Elders Jarvie, Konold, Chebreis, Gurksnis, and Flygare}

President and Sister Crapo are really nice. I think they'll be great. 
On my second day, we were walking around finding people to teach. My companion (Elder Funes from Honduras. He's nice) and I started talking to a couple on the corner. After a few minutes, I noticed the guy's shirt... Great Oak Class of 2012. I wish I could have taken a picture with him. We don't bring our cameras out on the street while we're working. 

{Fin and his companion, Elder Funes}

There are dogs EVERYWHERE here. Ugly ones, cute ones, ones that I didn't know existed. I saw a couple of dogs humping in the street. Stay Classy, Guatemala. OH!! I'm in the city! I'm in the central zone. I guess this is the zone that everybody wants to end their mission in, because we have all of the cool stuff here. I'm in the Trebol ward. They're pretty nice. 
I didn't even think about how much I'd be walking. We walk EVERYWHERE. Sometimes we take busses, but those are almost worse than walking because we cram so many people on there? How many people fit on a regular school bus in America? 50? Guatemala? 200. It's actually kind of funny. Okay, so sometimes we get sandwiches for lunch. They call them "transmetros." They're amazing, and they cost about 3 bucks. They're easily almost twice the size of a Subway sandwich. Good stuff. 
We had dinner with a member family last night. They were so nice! We have two other elders in our ward, and we were all over there. They said that my spanish is good (I don't really have an American accent when I speak, I just talk pretty slowly). It's been a good week. There have been lots of eye opening experiences for me. Poverty is a serious problem here. Our house is pretty nice compared to what else I've seen. It's just a reminder of how blessed we really are. 

Elder Konold

Our Apartment:
The lovely kitchen....
The shower...
 It's all about the food...

The study area...

Remember the lucky machete?!....please hide that!

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