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Monday, October 27, 2014

What The Guat?! Week 8

Alright so what´s your record of people that you´ve seen on one motorcycle? 2? Because mine is 5. Guatemalans are crazy. So something really cool about this place is that a bottle of soda costs roughly $.30. If we were allowed to drink Coke (we can´t), I´d be dropping Quetzales like it was nobody´s business. 

I got to teach a lesson in English on Saturday! We met a guy from Dallas, and he just asked me to speak English since his English is way better than his Spanish. It was really cool. I hope that with lots of study, I´ll be able to teach just as well in Spanish as I was able to in English. 

Last night, we went over to a member´s house to share a short message and watch a video about the Restoration. After, they brought us out some food. And then more food. And then more food. It was so awesome. Good stuff too. Oh, I had beans for 3 separate meals yesterday. That meant that I´ve had diarrhea 3 times this morning. Fun stuff. 

Okay, we aren´t supposed to have cameras when we´re out and about, because they may get stolen, so I don´t have lots of pictures. Lo Siento. 

One of our investigators asked if he could be baptized Sunday morning because he wants to be a part of the church so badly. It´s a rule that an investigator has to go to church 3 times before baptism, so we have to wait a bit before we actually can. His baptismal date is November 8th! If he goes to church next Sunday (which he will, he loves it), we´ve got the green light!! I´m so excited for him. He´s a really nice, humble guy who just wants to be closer to God. a

Well, I can´t think of much else for this week. I´m about halfway through the Book of Mormon. Yáll should read it. The Spanish is coming along.
I love you all!
-Elder Konold

P.S.  You can take Fin out of America,  but you can't take the America out of Fin

 P.P.S.  There are cats EVERYWHERE!

To answer some questions:

What’s your ward like? How do your lessons go? Do you have to teach any classes in church? 

Do you get to meet with other elders during the week? Anyone from your MTC group in your district or zone?

How do you do contacts? On the street or do you go door-to-door? Do the members help much with referrals?

How are the kids there? Do you get to speak with them much? They tend to have an easier time understanding you.

You learning more words every day? What books are you reading other than the BofM?

Sheesh, lots of questions.
We aren´t allowed to drink any dark sodas. So it´s pretty much just sprite, 7up, and any orange soda. Our ward is good. I haven´t had to teach any lessons yet, or talk in sacrament meeting. We have district meetings every wednesday. We have 2 companionships in our ward, so I see those elders 3 times a week. Everybody is together for weekly planning, p day, and district meetings (our whole zone goes to a stake center). Most of our contacts are on the street. We rarely just knock doors. The kids here are nice, and a lot easier to speak with. Right now, I´m just focusing on the book of mormon and preach my gospel. I´m going to start listening to the Joseph Smith tapes at lunch (we get an hour every day).

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