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Monday, December 8, 2014

100 Days of Guat

How´s it going? 

First off, I loved the Christmas decorations. It feels like Christmas whenever we´re in our house.  Speaking of Christmas- The Christmas devotional was great last night. It was in spanish, but all of the songs were in english, so that was awesome. 
We get lunch every day at a little Comidor for Q13. The owner loves us. We go with a recent convert. He´s a pretty awesome dude. 
Last week I said that I wasn´t in the ward choir. Well... I spoke too soon. 

I had my first interview with the President this week! It was really cool. President and Sister Crapo are amazing people. I really lucked out. 

Oh, yesterday was the Day of the Devil. Why is that a day? I don´t know- It´s Guatemala. But basically, people just beat up devil piñatas to signify their beating out the bad in their lives. Also, lots of firecrackers. Good stuff. 

I wore my USA socks for Pearl Harbor Day (not pictured). Keeping the pride. 

I know this was a short email, but I´m working hard and learning a lot!

I love you all!


P.S.  This week I´ll probably withdraw about $30. And a trip to Wendy´s/McDonald´s.
Okay, the Richard G. Scott talk- That was our district´s joke in the CCM. We watched a (prerecorded) devotional with that in it from 2009 on a Tuesday, and then a live devotional with the EXACT SAME TALK on Sunday. Then, we watched a video with that exact segment in it a few weeks later. Am I in a nicer part of the city...? I wish I knew haha. But it is true- The Guatemalans do sacrifice a lot to go to the temple, especially if they live way far away from the City. I did watch the Christmas Devotional! It was great. 


1.  Are you warm enough at night?  Can you buy sweaters/scarfs/mittens, etc. at the market?   Is it warm during the day and sunny?  Are you in the dry time of year?  

Yes, yes, and Yes...

2.  Did you get your investigators married and baptized?  Love the pic you sent of your baptism last week.  She looks small, but fierce.
We have a marriage and a baptism this Friday!  We're baptizing 4 people!

3.  I have listened to more and more Christmas music each day.  Do you hear it?

Sometimes.  I walk a little slower in the streets when I hear Christmas music.

4.  What kinds of recipes do you want me to send?  Dinner?  Cookies?

Everything that I'd need a recipe for, I'd also need an oven for...sadly, this mission is lacking in the oven department.

5. When's your next adventure as a zone?  What are you going to do/see?

I think we are going Christmas caroling in a couple weeks.

6.  Did you set up the Christmas decor?  Hope you enjoyed the treats that were in the box, too!

I did!  And I loved them!

7.  What aspect of your testimony has grown the most so far?

Prayer. Maybe it´s because I actually pray all the time now, but I have been able to see the miracles and blessings that happen because of prayers of faith. 

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