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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Light Unto the World

We had a fairly uneventful week this week, so my email won´t be all that long. Lo siento. Our baptisms/ wedding fell through because we ran into an unexpected problem with the paperwork, but we´ll have a baptism this week, and hopefully we can get everything sorted out to baptize the family in January. 
We had stake conference this week. A Seventy came and talked to us, and he shared a super awesome scripture- D&C 103:9. He challenged the members of the stake to focus in 2015 on helping to bring 2 people to Christ- 1 less active, and 1 nonmember. It was a super great talk. I´m at the point where I understand about 95% of what everybody is saying!! I love it. Hard work is paying off. 
So, for the past few weeks, Elder Funes and I have been playing the "Slug Bug" game, and the other day, we were waking side-by-side, about 4 feet apart, when we saw a bug at the same time, and went to punch the other, but ender up doing the coolest fist bump ever. It was awesome. 
The Christmas season is awesome because everybody wants to feed us. We had 2 lunches yesterday. Super fantastic. It sounds like I´m going to gain back all of the weight that I lost during Christmas week. 

Yesterday, we were at a member´s house, and I guess their cat got hit by a car, because it was only walking with it´s front legs, with the back 2 dragging behind it. I was fine until the image of Herbert´s dog from Family Guy popped into my mind. Kinda lost it. Whoops. 

Love you all! 

D&C 103:9 reads "For they were set to be a light unto the world, and to be the saviors of men."

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