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Monday, December 22, 2014

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

What´s up? Guat is good. So this week, we had divisions with our ZLs. Twice. We had baptismal interviews that kinda got messed up a bit, so we ended up doing a division on Wednesday, and again on Friday. It was pretty good. I was in their area both times. I love their area. It´s really interesting, because part is super super rich (LIke lots of new cars... Those don't exist here), and right down the street is a super poor area. 

Hey! I saw my first dead dog a couple days ago! I don´t want to see another one. Cold, dead dog eyes looking up from the street is a scary/nasty sight. I didn´t take time to smell it. 

So all of the wards here have ¨Convivios,¨ which I´m pretty sure means ¨Feast.¨ Anyway, we had BBQ pork cooked in Budweiser (Yes, that Budweiser) BBQ sauce.  It was awesome. 
The Primary kids also did a Christmas thing. So stinkin´cute. ("The black cow is making a Macy face" - Fin)

Also, I took a picture with this piña. I haven´t chupa'd the piña in almost 5 months. 

We had a baptism on Sunday before church! It was great! Her name is Juana, and she speaks Quiche, and only a bit of Spanish, so it was hard to teach her, but with the spirit and her "boyfriend" translating, we were successful. Her "boyfriend" was a less active, and by teaching her, we also reactivated him, so that was awesome.
We had a Priest in our ward who´s preparing for a mission do the baptism, so that was really cool. He was thanking me and Elder Funes so much for the opportunity. 

This morning, we went to an Asilo (I think it´s like a rehab/old folks hospital), and sang Christmas songs and talked with the residents there. 
It was so cool to see their faces light up when they heard us.
Well, I can´t wait to TALK to you guys on Thursday
Love you :)

Q & A Session:

1.  Why do you say the "boyfriend?"

The boyfriend is 30. The girl is 14. 

2.  Where did you get that blue tie?!

I got the tie in the Central Market.  It´s actually for Brennan, unless I decide I like it too much to give up. I get lots of compliments on it. 

3.  So, where are you going on Christmas Day?  Are you having lunch there, too?  I hope you get tamales!

For Christmas, we have a lesson at 10, then we´re going the 1st Counselor in the bishoprics after to Skype and have lunch.  I guess the big day to eat here is the 24th - like Thanksgiving and Fourth of July all in one - lots of food and fireworks.  I'm sure I will get tamales!

4.  The next transfers are right after Christmas, right?  You'll probably change companions...

Elder Funes will transfer.  He has 6 months here.  I'm a maybe.  He has been a fantastic trainer.  I have no doubt that he'll be a zone leader soon, and most likely an AP by the end of the mission.

5.  When are you going to the Central Market again?  I want you to look for a Nativity!

Probably next week....Yes, I will look for a Guat Nativity. I saw a cool one a couple weeks ago. I´m buying one for my future house with my smokin' hot wife and niños as well. 

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